City Hop by Hannah Webb


Senior Section member Hannah describes this summer’s international trip.

After much planning and getting to know each other the day arrived when I and twelve  others set off for 10 days travelling across Europe. Having travelled by coach we got the Eurostar to our first destination Brussels. This was my first experience of youth hostelling. We also met a Guiding friend who informed us of good places to visit within the city. After spending the next day exploring Brussels we got the train to Amsterdam. After being unable to get into the Anne Frank museum we found a cheese museum in which we tried many varieties. Late that evening we got a train to Hamburg then on to Copenhagen the next day, where we spent 2 nights, therefore giving us lots of time to explore the city including visiting the little mermaid statue and eating Danish pastries, seeing as though we were in Denmark, and also do some laundry. The train journey to Stockholm, being 6 hours, was the longest journey of the trip. However the hostel in Stockholm was one of my favourites as it was on a boat in the harbour. Stockholm was the last destination where we slept in a hostel as for the next four nights we camped on a small Swedish scout island. While on the island we did many activities including sailing, building a shelter, swimming in the sea and of course a Swedish sauna. We shared the island with Scouts who were friendly and welcoming. Over all the City Hop 2015 was an amazing experience and I would like to thank everyone who helped me have the opportunity to attend the trip and the leaders who made it possible for us to go.

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